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Marie Keating Foundation


The amazing Linda Keating, Director of Fundraising from the Marie Keating Foundation was in-store to collect her donation from the Hair Club and Hairspray. She got the guided tour from Warren Logan, director of Hairspray and was very impressed with the professional setup in general of the Hair Club.


Hairspray and The Hair Club launched a promotion with the Marie Keating Foundation on Facebook with great success. We are donating 10% of all sales from our chemo range wigs directly to the foundation and to date we have donated €10,000.



Making Cancer Less Frightening by Enlightening.


The Marie Keating Foundation provides valuable and detailed information and helps you educate yourself about simple precautions, being aware of warning signs and improving your chances of (a) never developing the disease (b) ensuring you spot it early (c) maximising your likelihood of a full recovery.


The Marie Keating Foundation also has three Mobile Information Units that are purpose built. They travel around Ireland with a nurse on board and provide cancer information to the general public free of charge. The mobile unit carries information on Bowel, Lung, Mouth, Skin, Testicular, Prostate, Cervical, Ovarian and Breast cancer.


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