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Alopecia Wigs


At the in Donnybrook we can help you find the perfect wig to help you through the difficult times assoiated with Alopecia. Our new wig studio has the largest selection of top quality wigs on display in Ireland in an exciting range of current styles and colours.


Alopecia is an autoimmune disease which causes hairloss in sporadic patches, full or partial hairloss. Your Doctor or GP can advise you on how it happens in the first place like a stressfull event, a side effect of medication or an underlying condition. We are here to help so get in contact with us and we can offer advice based on your individual needs.


Visit our private consultation rooms and talk to our experts.


Our highly trained and kind staff have many years experience in helping choose the correct wig for you, taking into account the shape and features of your face and your skin tone we can supply the perfect wig helping you to feel stylish and feminine. Our professional wigs will compliment your look and frame your face so well that people will be amazed to learn that your wearing a wig at all.


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