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The Hair Club offers clients a private and relaxing environment to visit Ireland's largest hair showroom and salon. There are a number of ways you can book your appointment with us. Book your free consultation on 01-2608874 or WhatsApp 085-8728985. Our hair boutique style showroom is based in Donnybrook in Dublin 4. Consultations generally last around one hour. 

New PRSI Wigs Grant Scheme - click here


During your initial consultation you can give a member of our team some background on your own hair while also viewing the products and services we have on offer. Every client that visits our hair boutique has a look and style in mind. Therefore, it is our role to ensure that we can assist in achieving your goals with quality advice, and if requiredfinding you a suitable hair piece or wig. 

If your unable to attend out premises or live abroad you can WhatsApp us on 085-8728985 for online consultations or colour matching. 

Making That All Important First Call To Us

One of the most common things clients initially say to us is they were so nervous making that initial phone call. This is because discussing our hair issues is a very personal matter and can be a delicate issue. However, once your hair consultation is completed you will see how relaxing and stress free the whole process was. 

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New Wigs Grants Scheme

Good News !!! There is a new €500 per year PRSI hair grant scheme which is easy to apply which was launched in May. As the Hair Club in Dublin are registered PRSI agents we can organise all your paperwork to ensure your application is completed quickly.  Download Form Here...


Below we have a current list of all current grants and benefits available.

  • PRSI Wig Scheme 
  • Private Health Insurance 
  • HSE Medical Card Holders 

1. The PRSI Hair Replacement Benefit. Download Form Here...
Firstly as agents we check the system to see if you have enough PRSI contributions to qualify. Also keep in mind if you do not qualify under your own PPS number you can apply under dependents spouse scheme. We then give you a form which your Doctors fills in and signs. The current hair conditions that qualify are Alopecia, Hair Loss (Frontal Fibrosis) or for clients currently undergoing Chemotherapy. Once we have received your Doctors cert, you can book an appointment to use your benefit towards your hair piece or wig which is up to €500 per year. Email 

If you have a hair condition, depending on your policy you can claim for the cost of your wig through your private health insurance.
Please phone your private health insurer for details to see are you covered.

Clients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Many of the customer calls we receive at the Hair Club in Dublin relates to their recent diagnosis of  cancer. The good news is that the vast majority of our clients that have an underlying medical condition successful overcome their illness as hospital treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are so effective. Also keep in mind there are a number of hair grants available which you can apply for. More 


Chemotherapy is a highly effective form of treatment for cancer, but it is also a very frightening experience. Receiving chemotherapy can be emotionally and physically draining. The hospitals across Ireland like St James Hospital or St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin treat thousands of both men and woman each year.  

Before beginning chemotherapy, a person is given the option to take anti-nausea drugs, usually prescribed by their doctor, which can reduce the severity of nausea during the treatment. There is also a counseling service offered which can provide emotional support during and after chemotherapy, as well as providing helpful advice on managing the side effects of chemotherapy.

When receiving chemotherapy, a person will typically enter the chemo room, where they will be given a private area to sit and relax. They may be provided with a variety of items such as blankets, pillows and headphones, and will be given the option of having a nurse or family member present during their treatments.

The actual treatment typically involves the injection of a powerful anti-cancer drug directly into a vein. The drug is administered over a certain period of time, usually three to four hours, depending on how much of the drug is required. During this time, a person may feel exhausted and find it hard to stay awake.

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Human Hair Toppers

The Hair Club  are the exclusive stockists of the famous Mayfair Human Hair toppers.  The Good news is that with the many new Government hair schemes initiatives just announced, 80% of our customers are eligible for a hair piece or wig grant benefit up to €500 per year. You can either call us to arrange a free consultation and we will show you all the styles available, while also filling in all the paperwork should you wish to apply for the grant More .

Hair Topper

Why are Mayfair Hair Toppers so special? 

Many clients have described this luxury hair product as the Rolls Royce of Hair Toppers. The high quality topper caps are light, breathable and so comfortable to wear. The hair is silky and hand tied (not machine stitched) which means the hair ratio as seen in the videos, blends naturally with your own hair, and will last far longer than all other brands. We have a full range of lengths, cap sizes and shapes for you to choose from.

Online Hair Consultations: Many of our new customers wishing to purchase a hair topper or wig are either living abroad or outside Dublin and are therefore unable to attend a consultation at our premises. This is no problem, as we offer our new clients a free online consultation service which has become very popular in recent years. Simply Whats-app us on 085-8728985 an image of your hair with a brief description of what you are looking for and we will organise the rest. 

Prices. We have a full range of Mayfair toppers to suit your budget or hair grant. Prices will depend on the length of hair and size of cap you choose. Example, clients that have fine hair often like our popular Zara... Read more

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