Clients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Many of the customer calls we receive relates to their recent diagnosis of  cancer. The good news is that the vast majority of our clients that have an underlying medical condition successful overcome their illness as hospital treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are so effective. Also keep in mind there are a number of hair grants available which you can apply for. More 


The Hair Club's  role during your treatment is to offer you a professional hassle free service. We have a massive selections of human hair wigs and hair toppers available in dozens of colours and styles. We recommend when possible that clients with a recent cancer diagnosis to call in order that we can see their own hair prior to chemotherapy. The reason for this is some clients may temporarily lose their own hair due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, so if we can see your own hair we can put by a wig or hair topper should you require one. Also with cold cap and scalp cooling systems some clients may not require a hair piece.

The first step is to book a consultation with us. This consultation enables a designated member of our team to see your own hair's style and colour, while also having the opportunity to discuss the many options available to you.
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Please note there are no refunds or exchanges on wigs or hair pieces after for in store purchases for hygiene reasons. Refunds are rarely requested as your consultations are very thorough.