Thinning Hair generally occurs in at least a third of all woman in Ireland. keep in mind we shed on average of 125 hairs per day and unlike with men, the majority of woman do not experience hair loss or female pattern baldness. However, if you are noticing that over time your hair has started thinning, this can sometimes be caused by a underlying reason. Thinning hair can be due to stress, inflammation, diet, your age or in some cases the birth of a baby. During consultations many clients say that having fine hair or the early stages of hair loss can really effect their confidence.  

Thinning Hair - Hair Club

Thinning Hair Solutions

The good news is that the Hair Club specialises in a range of hair products and services that will create instant natural volume. Our most popular product is our top selling Mayfair Hair Toppers. As you can see in the videos below these crown human hair pieces can be applied in seconds and look stunning when fitted. Also there are a number of grants available which you may be eligible for more...