How our wigs are made?

Wig construction and why are some wigs more expensive than others?

We start off with the standard machine made wig which is ideal because your whole head is breathing from the top all the way down to the back of the head. Its a special stretch lace called a memory cap which you only have to wear for one hour and this will stretch to the sides of your head which means you will get a perfect fit each time.

A beautiful hairline every time

On the front of the wig there is a comfort band that is made of velvet which is a feature of all our wigs. This bandis very comfortable for clients with no hair at all due to Chemotherapy or other related hairloss conditions. On both sides of the wig there is open A tabs with small pieces of flexable wire built in. The A Tabs simply snap into your temple area to get a beautiful hairline every time. Using this system means that you can wear your hair over your ears for a super realistic look.

One size fits all with touch fastning

At the back of the wig you can see the way it has been constructed to allow the entire head to breath. This means that the head remains at normal temperasture and will not overheat, Wigs that were manufactured in the past were made from a very heavy base but that process is now gone with the modern technology available.Also at the back of the wig is a Touch Fastning system which means that one size that fits all. Simply adjust the wig to the size of your head, you can go as big or small as you need.