The Mono Filament Top Wig

This wig has the same construction as our standard wig. The main difference is the Mono Filament Top which is a light fabric material that is completly hand stitched. This can make the price of your wig slightly higher than an average machine wig bit but this is perfect for a lady with no hair at all. Mono Filament means its all completly hand stitched so you can change your parting to you suit your mood and style.

The Lace Front

You will feel confident and beautiful with our lace front wigs. At the front of the hairline there is a lace front just above the fringe area which gives the illusion that the hair is growing out of your head and that you have a propper scalp. Our Lace Front wigs are lightweight and comfortable as well as being of the highest quality available today.

Stretched Lace Base

The construction at the back of the wig is the same as the standard wig and does not get hot and the entire head is breathable. Also its a stretched lace base that can stretch both length ways and width ways for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Also Its one size fits all with the Memory Cap and the touch fastners.