Dolores Finishes Her Final Chemotherapy With Good News

Hair Club Founder Dolores Mackenzie has finally finished the eight treatments of chemotherapy which began last August. Dolores experienced a wide range of highs and lows during chemotherapy, including extreme sickness and nausea that led to a 2 stone weight loss for her as she could not hold down food or water for five months.

Dolores did not lose her hair during treatment for cancer but her hair has become thinner than before so she did not require a wig or hair piece.

Pacemaker Required

Dolores also experienced exhaustion and shortness of breath while undergoing treatment, which turned out to be most likely caused by the chemotherapy's effect on the heart's electrical system, which resulted in a slow heartbeat which resulted in her having to get a pacemaker fitted to regulate her heart beat to a normal pace. After finishing her chemotherapy, Dolores had a CAT scan, at which point the doctors told her that the cancerous tumor in her bowel had reduced to the point where they could no longer see it. Dolores will now undergo additional testing before starting her radiation therapy and a five-week course of chemotherapy pills.