PRSI Hair Grants Ireland - For Wigs & Hair Pieces

The Hair Club in Dublin are registered agents for the new PRSI hair grants scheme. These grants are €500 per year and all you have to do is call us with your PPS number and Date of Birth and we can give you an immediate decision. Then we will send you the PRSI medical form for your doctor to fill in and stamp and your application will take about 3 weeks to be processed by the relevant PRSI department. In the meantime you can book a free consultation with us and choose a wig or hair topper to suit your style. For more information click

The Government announced that those who have hair loss due to illness are now eligible for a new award of up to €500 toward the cost of a hairpiece, wig, or hair replacement, according to a May 2022 announcement from Minister of Social Protection Heather Humphreys. During the first year after it is introduced, the new grant is anticipated to assist about 2,000 women or men. The payment, which is covered by the Department of Social Protection's Treatment Benefit Scheme, will cover hair loss brought on by both certain types of alopecia and cancer. People who meet the medical criteria and PRSI conditions of the department's Treatment Benefit plan are eligible for the €500 payment, as well as their dependent spouse, civil partner, or cohabitant.

The award may be available to self-employed individuals who are covered by Class S insurance as well as employees who pay PRSI contributions under Classes A, E, P, and H. Starting on May 28, 2022, the Department of Social Protection will pay the full price of one hair replacement item every calendar year, up to a maximum cost of €500. People who have surgical or topical treatments are not eligible for it. The program covers hair loss brought on by a disease or its treatment, including cancer and various types of alopecia. For the following types of alopecia, grants may be given:

- Alopecia areata (which includes diffuse alopecia areata, alopecia ophiasis, and alopecia totalis/universalis)

-Main alopecias with scarring (also known as cicatricial alopecias) both lichen planopilaris and frontal fibrosing alopecia (scarring alopecia) Alopecia brought on by chemotherapy (anagen effluvium); alopecia brought on by surgery or trauma, including burns